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ANOTHER GIG TO REPORT: This time we will be performing SOLO at the HOLLYBROOK AUDITORIUM in Pembroke Pines, Florida on FRIDAY, MAY 3rd, 2019. Our set begins promptly at 8 pm. C u there. RZ

Posted on: 04/13/2019

GIG NEWS: The debut of 'THE Ric Zweig BAND' will take place on FRIDAY, APRIL 26th, 2019 at MICKEYS TIKI BAR in Pompano Beach, Florida. Showtime is at 10:30 pm. C u there. RZ

Posted on: 04/13/2019

GIG NEWS: The debut of 'THE Ric Zweig BAND' will take place on FRIDA, APRIL 26th, 2019 at MICKEYS TIKI BAR in Pompano Beach, Florida. Showtime is at 10:30 pm. C u there. RZ

Posted on: 04/13/2019

WONDERFUL TO HEAR FROM OUR FRIENDS AT 'TOWN to COUNTRY' magazine ONCE AGAIN. The mag's EDITOR, namely Ms. Terri Basset, called yesterday to conduct a one hour interview which will be the basis of inclusion in their MAY/JUNE issue of the popular publication. This magazine has been a terrific supporter of ours for some time and we could not be more grateful to Terri and the staff. THANK YOU 'TOWN to COUNTRY' magazine. RZ

Posted on: 03/27/2019

OVER THE YEARS, we have been fortunate to have our music played on approximately a 100 or so radio outlets including AM, FM and Internet, but the other day one such placement is worth noting. WKRA The Rock Radio out of the United Kingdom granted us 'feature artist status' amongst a lineup of 35 talented artists. We appreciate this so much and say THANK YOU. Here are the links: LOZradio.com, WKRA The Rock Radio.com and the Rawk Dawg Show. RZ

Posted on: 02/24/2019

Once again, Ric Zweig appeared on live FM radio on February 8th, 2019. Miami's own SHAKE 94, 94.3 FM and its host Aimee Beah Moore invited Ric to debut his NEW You Tube video "BOX". Aimee opened her show by playing the tune and then conducting an interview with Ric and video director Tony Colella. "BOX" is off to a great start, getting more than 500 views in its first week of release. RZ

Posted on: 02/09/2019

Ric Zweig - "BOX". If you are a musician living in Miami, Florida or parts nearby, Oski Gonzalez is 'the man' in this world. Promoter, DJ, rapper, conga player and musician are some of the things he is known for. If you have NOT played one of Oski's shows over the years at either of Miami's most venerable venues, namely 'TOBACCO ROAD' or 'CHURCHILLS', you are pretty much resigned to musical obscurity. But Oski has another major talent that he is NOT as well known for. He is a brilliant song writer and lyricist. His original tune "BOX", written more than 15 years ago, has ALWAYS been our candidate for 'BEST LOCAL ORIGINAL TUNE'. We have steadfastly possessed a desire to cover this tune which frankly presented a number of challenges. Oski's original version was a hefty 5 minutes and 30 seconds in duration. So with his kind express permission, we tackled this project and in doing so, we rearranged it to a more radio friendly 3 minutes and 15 seconds. We enlisted Los Angeles and Miami producer Luis Salazar to produce the audio and videographer Tony Colella (Hollywood, Florida) to direct, produce and edit the video. The project is NOW complete and we are delighted with the result. Forget the link business, just type in 'Ric Zweig - BOX' and you can see the result on YOU TUBE. If you are so inclined, please let us know what you think. One thing for sure, we had a lot of fun (as you will easily see from the party scenes in the vid) doing this project. RZ

Posted on: 02/02/2019

Yours truly Ric Zweig and Frank Stroobandt, the 2 original founding members of "FRESH AIR" will re-unite at Cagneys House of Rock in Davie, Florida on THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th at 10:30 pm for a special performance.

Posted on: 01/15/2019

JUST NOTICED a small milestone has been reached with regard to our website. We have NOW eclipsed over 300,000 visitors. A hearty and most sincere thank you is in order to all who have been kind enough to have visited on at least one occasion. RZ

Posted on: 12/06/2018

FOR THE FIRST TIME in our musical career, we have recorded a 'cover' tune. It is called 'BOX' and was written by local Miami songwriter Oski Gonzalez. The tune was produced by Miami and Los Angeles producer Luis Salazar. The tune is NOW in the can, but will NOT be officially released until the accompanying video is completed. Filming of the video began yesterday under the direction of videographer Tony Colella who directed our previous You Tube video "HERE COMES THE RAIN" which so far has amassed 6000 views on the popular channel. Arrangements are NOW complete to have the tune and video promoted nationally by Yvonne Laughlin of YVONNE'S WORLD PR & PROMOTION out of San Antonio, Texas. Stay tuned. RZ

Posted on: 11/15/2018

We continue to receive radio airplay, SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 2018, the date, in Miami, Florida, at SHAKE 94 which is 94.3 on the FM radio dial here in Miami. Our gracious host, Aimee Beah Moore and Producer Jeff presented seven (7) original RZ tunes, 4 of them previously recorded and 3 played LIVE on the show. Ric's tune "THE STRANGER" has now received play on eighty (80) combined radio outlets. This was the first time that we performed our music LIVE on the air with Ric behind the guitar. RZ

Posted on: 08/06/2018

We are delighted to report that our You Tube video of our original tune "HERE COMES THE RAIN" has now exceeded more than 3,000 views. Thanx to all who contributed to the project and thanx to all who watched and listened. RZ

Posted on: 03/29/2018

WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND. A nomination as BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER in the annual 2018 South Florida Music Awards, A surprise WIN in the 'Special Humanitarian Award' category, and a resultant radio airplay on 'Local Love Shake 108 FM' on the DJ Aimee Beah Moore show. Our 2010 tune "Out With The Tide" received recognition and was played on Ms. Moore's weekly regular live radio show. SPECIAL THANX to Ms. DJ Aimee and to our dear friend, Mr. Oski Gonzalez, who founded the annual music awards show which recognizes musicians and artists from the South Florida community. RZ

Posted on: 02/26/2018

We just received the news that RIC ZWEIG has been nominated in the category of BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER for the 2018 OSKI MUSIC AWARDS which honor local musicians from the South Florida music scene. We are deeply appreciative of this recognition and offer our most sincere thank you. RZ

Posted on: 01/26/2018

Today, we signed an agreement with MOOZIKOO CREATIVE out of Philadelphia, PA in regards to our tune "GOTTA HAVE HOPE". We receive 35% of any monies earned on the Moozikoo You Tube Network. This can't be bad. RZ

Posted on: 12/09/2017